About Us


More than Just a Pretty View…

Situated right at the southern tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula, The Belvedere has been a local favourite since 1901. Every single day we serve up the best waterfront sunsets Brisbane has to offer, and we welcome you to join us for breakfast, lunch dinner and everything in between.

The Pavilion

The Pavilion personifies alfresco dining at its absolute best. Our huge, vaulted ceiling houses several banks of communal tables and lends itself to both small and large groups perfectly.

The Pavilion’s 360-degree bar sits toward the front where experienced bar tenders don their sunglasses every evening from 5pm as the dazzling sun strikes the water to create the most amazing glow throughout the entire space. Smaller tables and bar stool areas provide myriad seating options and full views of the water toward the front of the venue.

Various decked areas can be booked for groups, and we also encourage families to make the most of our children’s playground and games centre.

The Jetty Bar

Aptly named due to its location closest to the Jetty, The Jetty Bar sits on the corner of the building in the original Heritage building dating back to 1901.

Cold frothy pints, a bar menu and mateship abound. Enjoy easy access to our TAB and Gaming facilities in air conditioned comfort all year round inside, or find an easy spot on the deck out front – wherever you choose, and whether you’re after a quiet drink or a catch up with mates, The Jetty Bar is where the locals have been gathering since 1901.

Since 1901…

Famous for its relaxed atmosphere and prime position overlooking Bramble Bay, The Belvedere is steeped in history, but definitely still young at heart.

With the mouth-watering dining or if it’s just a drink you’re after, all your bases are covered with the fully licensed Jetty & Sunset Bar. The hotel also boasts a Gaming Lounge that conveniently maps through to the TAB, which is separate to the main sports bar, allowing you the ease of hearing all your favourite races.

It has one of the top ten sunsets in the world, as voted by National Geographic and it’s charisma and picturesque appeal have given the hotel a long-standing reputation for being the place to meet, eat and drink on the Redcliffe Peninsula. No other hotel can boast such a splendid waterfront deck, perfect in every season for a drink with friends. Looking out over Bramble Bay, in the heart of Woody Point, The Belvedere is a favourite watering hole for locals and visitors alike.

Going back centuries, Woody Point was first put on the map in 1799 when Mathew Flinders landed and became the first European to step foot on Redcliffe soil. The area is also the final resting place for the shipwreck of the heavily armed war ship ‘Gayundah’ that first sailed in 1885 before eventually being decommissioned in 1958.

Before this time, the area known as Redcliffe was inhabited by native Australians who lived off the land, making full use of the plentiful foods in and around its waters. Carrying on this tradition European settlers realised the natural abundance of the area and over the decades a popular seaside resort developed in Redcliffe.

The Belvedere was first built in the 1890s as a boarding house by Mrs Jamison. She later sold the premise to Thomas Snook who then converted it into a hotel and pub in 1901. Retaining its ‘landmark’ status within Woody Point Village even today, there is a mysterious legend that Mr Snook still haunts the upstairs rooms of the hotel…