Simply Soul – The Restaurant, Sunday 4th December, 1.30-5.30pm

The boys are back – Simply Soul Plus Two

Jody Waho: Jody has been in the live entertainment industry for 24 years. He brings guitar skills with natural vocal abilities and entertainment value that says ‘confidence’. After performing with many vocal groups in QLD then pursuing a solo career as experience, Jody has now focused on bringing a dynamic new duo to the QLD base and create a demand for their presence. He has been involved with ‘giving back’ to charity organisations including “Live to Give” and “Bringing Calyn home” to name a few, This brings perspective to his Christian roots.

Daniel Waho: Daniel has been in the live entertainment industry for 35 years, an accomplished saxophone player and having roots stemming from big brass bands, Daniel has played saxophone on the international stage with George Benson, James Brown, Ardijah and other local bands aswell. Moving into the vocal entertainment section in 2000, Daniel has honed his craft well and now has a strong,bold presence applicable to holding a stage, with vocal abilities to take on the best in the market.

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