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How To Pick The Best Wedding Venue

How To Pick The Best Wedding Venue

Weddings are exciting times for guests and hosts alike but the guests get one obvious advantage – they don’t need to plan anything! If you’re planning a wedding then they’re twice as exciting, but also twice as stressful. There are so many details to consider but when you get them all right, they create the most magical experience of your life.

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Picking the perfect venue, for your wedding ceremony and reception is probably the single most important aspect of planning your big day. It is definitely one of the most expensive, so you want to be assured that every single thing about it is going to meet your needs. From catering to entertainment, location and capacity – it all needs to suit the day that you have imagined. Check out our wedding reception rooms now.

So how exactly do you pick the best wedding venue? Let’s take a look at a few things that should help you choose a magical place for your event.

A Unique Location

One thing you should look for that will truly make your wedding one to remember forever is the location. It should be somewhere beautiful, with magnificent views of the mountains, forest or ocean – and hopefully with a sunset to top it all off. If a venue like this is not practical, then make sure that the interior looks and feels amazing. Things you’ll need to check out are the quality of lighting, sound and the décor. You also want to check if you have the option to customise these things to your liking.

Good Food and Drink

When picking a wedding reception venue, you’ll need to make sure that their catering is absolutely incredible. You and your guests will want to wine and dine in the finest possible way. Inspect each potential venue’s menu and ask them if they can cater for guests with different dietary requirements. Also see if they can offer a different number of options for each course so that everyone will be happy! Ensuring they have good quality champagne available is also a must! You need to be toasting with some great bubbly, not any old cleanskin.

Visit the Venue First

It’s a very, very sound idea to check out the place that you’ll be getting married first – and at the time of day that you plan to tie the knot. That way you know how everything will look, what the light will be like and if you’ll need to either adjust some things or look elsewhere. Don’t rely on the staff’s over the phone descriptions – they want your business. Instead book a viewing and come and see for yourself, you’ll know right away if it’s the place for you or not.

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