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Importance of Wedding Seating Charts

Making a seating chart must be the easiest part of planning a wedding, right? Knowing where to place all your guests at both the ceremony and the reception can’t be a hard task, can it? Seating plans can often be a very difficult and frustrating time for the married couple to be – especially if your family is full of feuds! The last thing you want is Uncle Jack and Auntie Jill to get into a very loud and verbal blue because they haven’t spoken in six years and you’ve ended up carelessly sitting them next to each other!

Here’s what you need to know about wedding seating charts to avoid anything untoward or uncomfortable, both for yourself and your guests!

A Wedding Seating Chart

Don’t Overcomplicate or Overthink!

Apart from making sure that people who are not on good terms or who have radically different worldviews are seated apart, you really don’t have to spend hours meticulously planning each and every table. Try to seat friends with friends and family with family provided that they call get along – and if you have one guest who will know no one else at the wedding then consider allowing them a plus one so they’ll have someone they know. That is unless of course they’re the biggest party animal you know, in which case they’ll make heaps of new mates!

Give Your Guests Space

Figure out exactly how big your guests’ tables are going to be, and then determine how many people they can seat comfortably without your guests feeling overcrowded or cramped together! For an average wedding reception table, eight seats is probably an ideal number. If you must seat more at a table try to see if your venue can accommodate you with larger tables, or just more tables in general.

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Ask For Help!

This applies particularly to seating extended family that you may not know well enough to make sure that they’ll be comfortable! Enlist the help of your mum and dad who probably know who great-auntie Beryl would be comfortable with and who she wouldn’t! Also, discuss as a couple on how to best seat your friends. While you may have some overlapping friends, chances are you’ll also both have some that are just yours. You’ll want to try and best match people together, but also remember the first tip – don’t overdo it!

Get Them Dancing!

Unless you’re having a very small and intimate wedding, you’ll want to get your guests up and dancing. A handy little trick is to seat the younger crowd a bit closer to the dancefloor than the oldies. Hopefully they’ll get the hint and get up for a boogie as soon as the band or DJ drops the first beat!

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