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Should You DIY Your Wedding?

DIY weddings can be beautiful, meaningful and truly worthwhile events but they also threaten to turn your dream day into a nightmare. These days, many couples are wondering whether they should go with a venue or host a wedding themselves and there are many reasons why. For some people practical restraints like budgets and big families push them into at-home events while others hope that DIY weddings will create a personal touch. Venues on the other hand, take a great deal of stress off your plate, allowing you to better enjoy your special day. Whatever your reasons, it’s always important to weight up the benefits when making a choice.

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A Florist Making a Bouquet of Pink Roses

Let’s take a further look at your options and figure out what you can do yourself, and what should be left to the professionals.

When to DIY

You should DIY your wedding day if you are on a budget that doesn’t allow for hiring a venue. That being said however, there are many hidden costs involved in planning a wedding that are sometimes all contained within the cost of hiring a venue.

If you’re going to DIY, you might have to hire a marquee and even get permission from councils if you want to get married in parks or botanical gardens. This can chew up a lot of your time and create unexpected costs. If you have the room, you could even use your own backyard or a friend’s or family member’s garden. You can then have your reception there as well, or just hire a smaller and cheaper space to eat, drink and dance afterwards.

Another reason to DIY your wedding is if you are going for a very different theme that can only be accomplished if you do everything yourself. This can make for a very memorable and unique wedding day!

When to Avoid DIY!

There are just some aspects of your wedding that you should never do yourself! Here are some things that you should leave up to people whose sole job it is to do perfectly.

The Blooms and Blossoms

Always use a professional florist for your flowers and flower arrangements. They will have an eye for detail and be able to source everything that you need. Flower arrangements also take time and need to be done while the flowers are still fresh as well, and they are definitely something you don’t want to be doing yourself at the very last minute!

The Catering

Once your ceremony is over, you want to be able to enjoy the reception without worrying.  At the very least you should let a trusted friend or family member take care of the food – if you are really set on a DIY wedding. A catering company or wedding venue hire business is the better choice to give you a stress free evening or afternoon afterwards.

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