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There’s A NEW Bucket List Wine Bar Near Brisbane – And You Won’t Believe Why!

Redcliffe’s Belvedere Is The NEW Bucket List Wine Bar For Brisbane Wine Fans!

Brisbane’s dedicated wine quaffers are swarming The Bel for a totally unique Brisbane wine bar experience! The Bel, home of the best steaks, seafood and boutique beers on tap, now launches its Barrel Served Wine Bar – and it’s unlike anything wine lovers have ever tried before! No wonder we’re well known as one of the top bars in Redcliffe. We always do wine, beer and food better!

Our wine bar does wine straight from the barrel to the glass

Wine on tap. Literally. It’s every wine lovers dream right? I mean, it’s nearly 2020, why is a wine tap not standard inclusion in new homes? The Bel is proud to announce that you can live the dream right here in Redcliffe with our barrel to glass wine bar. We’ve bought the cheekiest and smoothest wines from top local regions by the barrel. This means you’ll taste wine the way it was meant to be tasted – the way the sommeliers at the great wineries judge character and flavour.

Wine on tap FINALLY in Brisbane

Draught wine has been the must-do wine experience across the US and Europe (and the go-to plonk for millions of millennials) for a few years now. Finally, The Bel brings the on-tap wine bar to Redcliffe for all of Brisbane to try. We know, about time, right?

So what everyone wants to know… the taste… what’s the go?

Zestier, smoother… you be the judge. All wines on tap at The Bel are from celebrated growers in the best locations, with the craftsmanship, grapes and know-how to produce a fine drop. Their choice to age the wine in steel or oak results in the smoothness and zestiness of the final flavours. We trust them to get it just right because we’ve been sampling (regularly, you know, for quality assurance) and we’re downright pleased with the results.

Moving wine from barrel to bottle increases the risk of ruining the flavour through heat exposure (hello Australia) and other factors – and doesn’t really do much to enhance the wine. Mostly the bottle is there for the sensory pleasure of popping the cork… and frankly, there’s a real pleasure to the idea of ‘wine on tap’ for anyone who likes a drop. Don’t worry, as Redcliffe’s top destination for wine, we’ve got all your favourite bottles too. We’re the new go-to wine bar for Brisbane, so we’ve got all the best drops in our cellars!

Draught wine options – our top tipples to try

We’ve hand selected these Aussie and Kiwi favourites for on-tap tastiness. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect at our wine bar in Redcliffe.


Squealing Pig Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc on tap

From the vineyards in Marlborough’s Awatere Valley on the famous wine country Awatere River, this crisp citrus and passionfruit flavour is a must to accompany a sunny waterfront meal at The Belvedere. Nothing goes better than a Squealing Pig and a prawn – our top recommendation for seafood lovers!

St Huberts The Stag Chardonnay on tap

The modern offering from one of Victoria’s best known and respected vineyards. St Huberts’ 160 year history of award winning wines continues in its modern re-incarnation as one of the Yarra Valley’s must try wineries. St Huberts The Stag is racking up 4.5 star ratings and is hailed as a young, citrusy, light chardonnay perfectly paired with crabs, fish and pasta options here at The Bel.

Cape Schanck T’Gallant Rose on tap

Crisp, dry and hinting at red fruit aromas, this summer classic features hints of watermelon and cranberry. With a dry, savoury finish (because nobody likes a too-sweet rose) this pretty pink lady is the perfect partner to your salmon, trout or Mediterranean flavours.

Chef’s Tip: Like a daring pair? Why not try a glass of Cape Schanck T’Gallant Rose with your pizza? Our Pizzeria uses fresh Mediterranean ingredients and this little Rose makes a perfect pair for a daring palate!

Cape Schanck Pinot Noir on tap

Bright, sweet and full bodied, with the scent of fragrant berries, redcurrents and cherry, this cool climate pinot noir is among Victoria’s favourites. Pair with rich dark meats like lamb, duck and even a perfectly cooked steak.

Cape Shanck Pinot Grigio

Crisp, zesty and with a hint of citrus and nashi pears, it’s your classic cool climate pinot grigio. Perfectly balanced acidity and a little lingering flavour make it the perfect partner for a lovely light salad or something a little creamier. Of course, this drop is another great match for The Bel’s famous seafood options – nothing beats fresh seafood and crisp wine on a hot Brisbane evening!

Juliet Blush Moscato on tap

Inspired by Italian wine makers, this fresh, vivacious, floral, fruity moscato has been dubbed the perfect wine for a hot day. We love warm days with cool breezes here on the Peninsula waterfront so we bring you the ultimate pre-dinner wine, perfect to set the palate up for a festival of flavours. Its lively vibe makes it the perfect accompaniment for spicier flavours and is perfectly paired with a spicy main!

Saltram’s Barossa Shiraz on tap

The Saltram cellars are an absolutely pleasure for wine lovers and their shiraz is a welcome tipple at bars across Redcliffe. If you’ve a soft spot for shiraz, you’re probably already a Saltram fan! From the north east of the famed Barossa Valley, this oak aged flavoursome Shiraz is alive with spices, plum and just a hint of chocolate. This is the go to accompaniment for everything from a big burly burger to lamb and of course steak! Don’t forget to try this lively drop with your dessert too – it’s a surprisingly good pair for gooey chocolate and rich creamy flavours!

The NEW first choice among wine bars Brisbane

It’s time to take a fresh look at The Bel. We’ve always been a favourite amongst bars in Redcliffe for our spectacular views, famous seafood and magnificent steaks. Now we’re the go to boutique beer and draught wine bar for Brisbane. Try scores of top Australian boutique beers on tap (and in our famous beer towers too!) or any of our delicious wines on tap. It’s time to try out the new Belvedere Hotel – your palate can thank us later!

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