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Wedding Planning Hazards and How to Best Avoid Them

The last thing in the world anyone wants to happen is for their wedding day to suffer a major hiccup! It is one of the only days in your life where everything needs to be perfect, in place and on time. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Poor planning, logistical nightmares even human error can result in some unhappy outcomes for the spouses to be.

Let’s take a look at some common wedding dangers and what you should do in order to avoid them.

A Caution Sign That Reads “Wedding Ahead”

Hold Off on Your Save the Date Cards

Although your wedding is a very exciting thing and you’ll want to rush off and tell all of your friends and family right away, hold back on sending the save the date cards for a little while. Wait until your guest list is finalised and you are certain about just who you want attending. This way you’ll avoid the potential embarrassment of not inviting people who are expecting a follow-up invitation due to budget constraints or other complications.

Starting Your Hair and Make Up Too Late! 

You want to get your hair and make-up done at precisely the right time so you you’ll look amazing walking down the aisle and taking your vows. Too early and it may fall out of place or your make-up may fade a bit too much. If you do it too late your stylist may be pressed for time and have to rush – which neither you nor your stylist wants!

Micromanaging the Venue! 

If you’ve chosen a venue to host your ceremony and reception, then try not to constantly check in manage them. You have paid your hard earned money to trained and capable professionals whose job is to make sure that your day is absolutely perfect! They will keep you informed and in the loop, so there’s no need to call them six times a day six months before your wedding to make sure they have everything sorted.

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Rushing the Photos

Apart from your cherished memories, your wedding photos will be one of the biggest reminders of your beautiful day that you will get to keep. So don’t rush your photographer! Allow them to take the time they need to properly capture you and your spouse, the bridal party and your friends and family. Making sure that your photos are absolutely perfect will be well worth the time spent posing and re-posing. If you can, perhaps arrange for an alternative day to take your wedding photos if you feel that you will be rushed on the day. 

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